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A writer & documentary filmmaker with a Swedish mind and Polish heart. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, Diana grew up in places as varied as Iraq, Zambia and Ireland. She has worked as a translator, teacher, production manager and in many other professions which inform her work today. Currently, Diana runs a building & decorating company and practices Social Media Sorcery for the benefit of organisations and individuals.

What Marta says about Diana –

‘I have known Diana for twenty years, and if there is one thing I can say about her, is that she is a terrific networker. She has an innate talent for bringing people together, keeping in touch, matchmaking, and communication. In her private life just like in the creative one, Diana’s love for people and human interaction has brought her to actively engage in the community she cares for, with passion, irreverence, and a roaring sense of humour. She is the kind of person who will pack a camera and travel on a bus from Sweden to Poland to make a documentary about a gay rights’ parade because she believes that everyone should be free to love as they will. She is someone who is capable of recruiting and motivating two hundred refugees to perform as day players in a movie, in winter, in Lapland. Diana is dynamic, involved, captivating, and translates her extraordinary feel for people into a golden touch for social media trends, and human interaction in the virtual dimension.’   


  • What are social media good for, really?

What if I told you that Social Media is a young art form? There is still space to make it your own. Yes it can be the voice of evil dictators and duck faced reality stars. But it can also be YOUR voice. It can be your weapon and you can wield it without losing touch with your values or selling your soul. What Arthouse Marketing can do is give you simple tools that allow you to use the online world to your advantage – grow and find a voice that will pierce through the noise and bring your message to the world. Whether it is a whispered poem or a digital artistic revolution. Let’s find a path together.

  • What is home to you?

I have three places I consider my home. The first is Gothenburg – Where I was born. There are days when I can’t stop thinking about the sea. If I at least could gaze out on a horizon – that straight line which puts everything in perspective. The rhythm of the waves telling me to slow the hell down.  My second home: Łódź. In terms of an actual home with walls and roof and all that, there is a little 70sqm apartment in David Lynch’s allegedly favourite city. It used to belong to my grandmother, but before that the building was a courthouse. It has all these really old heavy wooden furniture, a ton of books in 5 different languages and the walls are red, yellow, green and orange. The third, and my current place of residence is London. There is no straight horizon to keep me company here. But there are other things. This might not be our birth home – but we’ve made it ours. London is the capital of immigrants, expats and vagabonds; so my family and I fit right in.

  • What is an outstanding online presence?

Firstly, it should fulfil the goals of the individual or organisation it represents – which usually means that in some way or another, you want to make money. But you don’t become outstanding or start reeling in the cash overnight, in today’s complex world a good social media presence is built over time and an outstanding one – is built on real relationships. When I say REAL I don’t mean Coca-Cola real. I mean you either meet these people in person or at least communicate to them directly. The only thing us freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists have going for us is that we aren’t robots. So – find your imperfections and make them your strengths!

  • Tell me two things you don’t know about yourself.

I don’t know what life would be like if I was physically fit. I have led a very unhealthy life and I hate exercise of most kinds. I am hoping that one day I will turn it around, but it’s not today.

I also don’t know why I am drawn to introverts. I like to adopt them like stray cats and pet them until they leave.

  • Social media and storytelling – where is the sweet spot where these two meet and how do we get there?

The road is long, windy and narrow. At first we have a status quo – which is boring, impersonal and repetitive content. That’s when the inciting incident strikes… someone uses their keyboard to reach your inner self! Damn! It might even hurt. But you are glued to that screen like your life depended on it. Because you really need to know… ..see more

  • “I believe films should be made only by white dudes who went to expensive film schools” – how much does this statement apply to you? 

I don’t think anyone would subscribe to that statement, unless subconsciously. That’s the thing about sexism & racism. Very few people want to, but everyone has it in them. Our whole society (like every society before us) has its little fantasies and fears which we perpetuate. I don’t do particularly well in boys clubs for some reason. But they’re not my target audience, so, goodbye!

  • Which social media / networking platform is the most useful for brand identity?

Short answer: Instagram. Because brand identity is emotional and visual posts are stronger if done well.

Other short answer: It depends on where your target audience hangs out.

  • Finish this sentence: A good story should always be ________ ~

TOLD. As long as it is just in your head, it’s just an idea. And ideas are… 


Find all details about Diana’s professional background on her LinkedIn profile, or read her sarcastic tweets on @voxerbrant. Also – here is her author page. Wanna say hi? Drop her a line at marta@thestorydesk.com

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