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The Story Desk is a European outfit.

The original Dutch desk was founded in Rotterdam in 2014 by Marta Parlatore – Italian/Polish Screenwriter & Film Director – as a collective of like-minded artistic writers.

London was the second to join – Diana Voxerbrant is a Swedish/Polish writer, documentary activist & digital storyteller. 

Marta & Diana met each other in Łódź, Poland, in 2001. They were serendipitously brought together by a grandma on a train, and a Finnish washing machine. Since then, they’ve been on multiple adventures together.

Once, they hitchhiked all the way to Slovakia and had to sleep on the side of a country road. They were both shaped by the artistic flavour of the Polish National Film School. They drank a bathtub of vodka each and came out on the other side, unharmed. They’re both victims of nomadism, multilingualism, an addiction to uncompromising storytelling, and child-rearing. Together, they have been puppets, paupers, poets and a kings.

When not working on their writing careers or keeping their offspring alive, Marta lets off steam by oversharing personal stories on her blog, while Diana runs a building & decorating company and practices Social Media Sorcery for the benefit of organisations and individuals.

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