Where The Magic Happens

by Marta Parlatore

my desk where the magic happens


Every good story has its beginning and this is where ours is. In a place of plain light, a familiar setting where everything is possible and the horizon has no boundary. Our Story Desk is an adventure of passion, brought forward by the belief that it is worth fighting for a good story, and that our own personal tales are worthy of being told. We want to put our hearts into doing what we care for, we want to entertain and provoke, rattle and embrace this life through our stories, images, situations, turns, dialogues, characters, and emotions. We believe that thanks to our love for authentic, bold, awesome stories we can make our world a better place, so why not try?

Do you want to come with us? We’ll appreciate your company greatly, we’d love to take you along! Would you like to stick around for a while, do you have a story you want to share, do you think we could help you write what you want to tell? Hang out with us at The Story Desk, drop us a line, follow us on Facebook, ask a question, start a discussion, you’re welcome to do so, subscribe to our free newsletter to stay in touch.

This is our beginning and we’re excited to be here.

We hope you are too!


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