the story desk work with us


Yes, you can work with us. Yes, we are especially open for ideas which are bold, irreverent, soulful, and more than just slightly challenging. Yes, we’d love to have a look at them even if they are still rough around the edges and tricky.


Get in touch with Marta [] if you might be looking for

  • Someone to develop a script idea you have in mind but don’t want to write yourself
  • Someone to help you develop and write your own script
  • A pair of analytic eyes to read your treatment/synopsis/script and give you solid screenwriting feedback
  • An engaging tutor who can run workshops on anything from story outline to film editing

Languages – English, Italian & Polish


Get in touch with Diana [] if you might be looking for – 

  • Someone with a distinct voice to create content for your website or social media channels
  • A driven, focused manager to set up and run your crowdfunding campaign
  • A creative dedicated sorcerer who can design a social media strategy for your project
  • A fresh and enthusiastic arthouse marketing manager
  • Someone to write a script based on your idea, or a fierce editor to help you write it yourself.
Languages – English, Swedish & Polish